Black Crown Piton Nakano Padel Racket

This is the racket of the No. 1 of the ladies: Marta Marrero. It has a longer handle so you can hit the backhand double-handed. The sweet spot is a bit more at the top, making this racket better suited for players who have a good volley.

The Piton Nakano model is round for attack players like Marta Marrero, but thanks to the soft rubber, it is very manageable and adaptable to any player at the same time. The frame is made of double tubular 80% carbon fiber, which means greater shock resistance.

The Piton Nakano model is made of Eva15 soft rubber coated with three layers of highly durable reinforced fiberglass. This rubber helps to create a good ball in the defense. It is a perfect racket for players who like soft rackets and who are looking for good control and need some extra power.

Racket chosen by Marta Marrero, n ° 1 ranking WPT.

Weight 350 to 360 gr.
Leaf shape: Drop
80% carbon frame (double tube frame)
Outer core: 3 layers of durable reinforced fiberglass
Inside foam: Eva15soft
Power : 95%
Control : 90%