Padmax is your tool to ensure good track maintenance. It is suited for curly and non-curly courts and will save you a lot of time(5 minutes per side is possible) in maintenance of the court and it will prolong the life-span of your artificial grass.

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Padmax is your tool to ensure good track maintenance.

Our product, Padmax, is the result of long-term development work. The components of the tool are designed to achieve optimal results together. Shaft length, ergonomic design of handles, attachment points, weight, brush length, brush quality, draw angles, distance between brush rows, brush stiffness and more are all examples of parts that must work together to give a good result. Padmax has the details.

Padmax is also the tool that gives you the opportunity to offer your customers the best gaming experience. The ball bites into a well-kept surface, no irregularities hidden in the carpet with the risk of incorrect ball bounces, and even worse, injuries to players. In addition, the bracket is optimized for the shoes during the fast movements. Padmax facilitates your work to achieve many positive effects.

Padmax is also the tool that ensures the sand's important basic functions. It is about fixing the artificial grass to the surface and providing the correct support for the artificial grass fibers. When the carpet has the wrong level and / or the sand is unevenly distributed, there is a risk of very unnecessary wear on the artificial grass fibers. This means a dramatic deterioration of the service life of the substrate. Padmax helps you solve this in a time-efficient way and with positive financial consequences as a result.