Black Crown Piton Attack 12K 2020 Padel Racket

This racket is designed for the attacking player who wants more power in their shots. Thanks to the 12k technology in the racket head, you can keep control of your strokes without losing power. Ideal for the attacking net player who wants more power in ad

The Piton Attack 12K is designed for attackers, who gain maximum power with every shot. The frame is made of double tubular carbon 100% which makes the knife more resistant to shocks. The interior of the frame is made of EVA rubber, creating a very wide sweet spot.

The Piton Attack 12k model is made from super soft eva rubber lined with 3 layers of fiberglass and 1 layer of 12k carbon fiber. This last layer ensures that the shovel receives a dry blow to give strength to your strokes, it is very resistant and very durable. Product designed for advanced players.

Racket chosen by Adrian Allemandi, n ° 20 of the WPT ranking and by Raul Marcos, n ° 2 of the Madrid Paddle Federation.

Weight 350 to 370 g
Blade size: Diamond
100% carbon fiber frame
Outer core: 2 layers of fiberglass and 1 layer of 12k carbon fiber
Eva soft rubber
Level: advanced
Power : 90%
Control : 95%