Stop Odour Anti-odor Deodorant

Stop Odour is a vegan cream deodorant, with natural ingredients that protect your skin, detoxify the dermis, purifying toxins and eliminating the unpleasant smell of sweat.

Article number: 8436555692629

A new trend in deodorants, in line with a cosmetic production committed to the environment, creating a totally new product.

Unlike conventional deodorants, it does not contain aluminum, alcohol, microplastics, or nanoparticles.

It does not clog pores and does not stain the skin.

STOP ODOUR arises from the commitment to cosmetic ethics and care for the environment, with ingredients that respect nature and the skin, that are effective and 100% safe.

It acts on a wide spectrum of microorganisms, deactivating the enzymes that bacteria and fungi use to metabolize oxygen; it manages to render the “chemical lung” of these germs useless in minutes, causing suffocation. For this reason, unlike what happens with synthetic and traditional deodorants, bacteria cannot develop resistance mechanisms or any type of mutation that allows them to escape the bactericidal action of silver.